Facebook Tips

  • Report a Post to Administrators
  • Block a Facebook User
  • Unblock a Facebook User

Report a Post to administrators

Facebook administrators rely on their group members to report posts and comments that violate group rules or are otherwise harassing or offensive. Reporting to an admin is simple, but not necessarily obvious.

Go to the post and look for the ( . . . ) icon at the top right of the post.

Click the ( . . . ) icon to see this dropdown menu.

Click “Report to Admin”

You will then see this popup dialog box for confirmation that you do want to report the post.

Click “Report” to confirm.

Administrators will receive a notification to review the post.

Block a Facebook User

Every once in a while, you may encounter another Facebook user who for one reason or another you just don’t want to interact with any more. The easiest way to deal with this is to add them to your block list.

Click on their name to navigate to their Facebook profile.

In the upper right hand corner of their profile page, click on the ( . . . ) icon.

Then click on Block.

You will no longer see that person’s posts or comments. And they will no longer see your posts or comments.

Unblock a Facebook User

To unblock someone, scroll to the top of the page. At the far left, click the triangle pointing down.

Click on Settings.

Click on Blocking.

Click the Unblock link beside their name.

You will now be able to see each other’s posts and comments, assuming that person hasn’t also blocked you.