Group Rules and Elaborations: Part 2

I would think the following categories should be self-evident. HCC is a humor themed group, yes, but some subjects are just not funny. Many of these can get the group flagged for violating Facebook’s Community Standards.

When in doubt, ask yourself:

  • Is any person (especially someone of a historically marginalized group) being demeaned in either the words or images?
  • Is any person or animal depicted being harmed in either the words or images?
  • Why is this funny?

Sexist/marriage stereotypes
Being in a relationship is a lot of work and requires a lot of active loving. Most jokes about men/women, husbands/wives, or marriage are really just stereotypical and often bitter complaints about the opposite sex that aren’t actually funny.

Rape “jokes” and references
Nothing about rape is funny. Using the word rape in other contexts to describe someone being taken advantage of (economically or whatever) isn’t funny, either. Just don’t.

Dead people and animals
No one wants to see images of dead bodies, whether people or animals. These tend to violate Facebook’s Community Standards.

Child and animal abuse
Don’t hit kids. Don’t show animals being abused for amusement. Don’t encourage violence in general.

Body Shaming
Telling people to put on clothes because you don’t find them attractive is body shaming. Telling skinny people to eat a sandwich or telling overweight people to put down the ice cream isn’t funny.

Depicting violence, someone hurt or injured, can cross the line into violating Facebook’s Community Standards. Cartoon violence requires a judgement call. Take Nazi punching jokes to a more appropriate forum.

Guns exist for one reason: to kill. As Christians, we should believe in turning the other cheek, forgiving, and giving generously. Depictions of guns in a humorous context requires close scruitiny and are rarely approved in this group.

Our group skews older and self-deprecating humor is generally fine. But it gets old — pardon the pun — really quickly when so many submissions deal with memory and aging/failing bodies.

Anti-vaccination, anti-science, and conspiracy theories
Get your kids vaccinated. I will delete any comments that propagate anti-science, conspiracy theories, or suggestions that vaccinations are harmful. Vaccinations save lives, full stop.